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  Welcome to the site for Northeastern North Carolina's number one Company for Private Investigations, and Process
  Servers, Licensed by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board.

  At one time or another, many people have needed the services of a private investigator, whether they are an
  Attorney seeking assistance with a Defense Discovery Investigation, Process Server, Witness Interviewer, or
  an Expert Witness in Criminal Cases. You could be someone needing to locate a missing person. You could be
  with an Insurance Company needing arson investigators,or claims investigators. You may need background
  checks conducted for tenant screening,employment screening, or many other reasons for which finding out the
  truth about someone may be important to you. Corporations use Private Investigators to resolve internal
  Problems. Persons having family problems such as divorce, child custody,or infidelity, often call upon the
  services provided by a Private Investigator to provide the evidence needed by their Attorney to present in a
  Court of Law, so that the Client receives the maximum representation to their case.
  Sometimes People are wrongfully charged with crimes, or for civil torts, for which they are not responsible.
  A private investigator can be helpful in obtaining the evidence needed to defend a client with.
  Sometimes a person has been the victim of a crime, and Law Enforcement tells the victim that there is
  nothing that they can do for them, or their case seems to have been put on the back burner and some
  momentum needs to be gained, before their case gets too cold. Sometimes for these,and many other reasons,
  a Client may need some professional surveillance conducted for them.

  Northeastern's Investigators have had many years of experience in the field, and in the courtroom for our
  Clients to benefit from. If you need services, let the professionals provide them for you.

  Open 24/7, if you believe that the Northeastern Detective Agency may be of assistance to you, a free,
  confidential, consultation with one of our agents is just a phone call away.

  In addition to All of the investigative services mentioned, Northeastern specializes in hard to find and serve Persons,
  utilizing advanced Skip Tracing methods, combined with years of Investigative Experience, to produce the highest
  Possible serve rate.


  Let the Pro's from Northeastern
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