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Northeastern Detective Agency offers a wide variety of specialized services, including process serving, read below, to see which service applies to your needs.

Tenant screening: How many times have you rented to someone who turned out be a terrible tenant, destroying your property, letting you pay for the roof over their head, and then making you wait for several months for the court system to evict them. If you’ve had this experience, then you also know that you will probably never collect a dime that they owe you. A professional background check is a small price compared to the damages those bad tenants can cause you.

Employment screening: Once you hire that person, and you wish that you hadn’t because they’re hurting your business, you then find out about the legal rights that the employee has that you didn’t think about before you hired them. If you do not have a well-written set of policies in place and properly executed, that employee may be drawing unemployment at your expense, or even have you up on an Unlawful Firing Rap. A professional background check is a bargain compared to the unintended consequences described above.

Pre-relationship screening: This is probably one of the most important types of background checks that you can have done. For women with children, it is important for you to know if that” Nice Guy” that you met is not a pedophile who may molest your children if given the opportunity. Unfortunately, this is way more common than most people know about. For men or women, you need to know about the other person's substance abuse, work history, criminal history, or credit problems. Will they turn out to be a stalker? It’s easier to get involved with some people than it is to get rid of them. Let a North Carolina private investigator at Northeastern do a professional background check for you.

This is a very personal wrongdoing that leaves the victim devastated, emotionally and sometimes financially. Most of the time when you feel like something is not right, it usually isn’t. Our instincts and common sense are there for a reason. This is a very serious tort to the victim on the receiving end, and in most states, adultery is a criminal offense. If you suspect that you may be a victim, and as hard as it may be, instead of confronting the offending spouse, pay close attention to their behavior and control your emotions, and do the best that you can do under the circumstances. Consult an attorney who will advise you of the important legal issues. Do not do anything rash. The last thing that you need to do is to get a criminal charge such as assault filed against you. This may unfairly portray you as the aggressor in any subsequent proceedings. An investigator can be a valuable asset to you at this time in your life. Northeastern understands the impact that this has had on your life, and wants to help you to bring closure and put your life back on the track to reconstruction.

Criminal Defense
Have you been wrongfully charged with a crime that you did not commit? Many times a person has been over charged, and upon investigation, it is discovered that the elements of the crime that you are charged with have not been met. Like it or not, if this is the case, under the law, you are innocent. The problem is that you don’t know this, or you do not know what evidence will help you in your defense. Unfortunately sometimes the state even knows that you are technically not guilty, and tries to “bluff” you into a Plea. An investigator working with your attorney may make the difference between going to prison or not. I have worked on both sides of the fence, and I know police investigative deficiencies when I see them, and believe me, there are a lot of them if you know what to look for. Most of the areas of my expertise are in criminal investigation.

Family Cases
Besides infidelity, there are many other types of family crimes such as child abuse and neglect, both of which are very hard to prove. I have investigated many of these cases and successfully prosecuted many of them. A lot of times a person knows it, but does not know how to obtain admissible evidence. Another similar crime is elder abuse and neglect, whether it is occurring in a person’s home or a rest home.

Missing Persons
Many times law enforcement is too bogged down and overloaded with caseloads to give the attention to the missing persons that they deserve. This is where a P.I. may be helpful in locating your loved one, or person of interest.

Deadbeat Parents
Another type of missing person is intentionally missing persons. Many times the child support agencies only go after the “Easy Ones” and as long as they keep moving, the child support agencies will not put enough effort into pursuing them. Northeastern will try to locate them for you.

Crime Scene Technician
Northeastern has a highly trained crime scene technician. It's not always what the police do—sometimes it's what they don’t do that counts. Sometimes a client may have a personal matter in which a crime scene specialist could be helpful in the collection of forensic evidence.
Insurance Claims
Northeastern has trained arson investigators. One good savings on a claim will pay for itself many times over.

Assist Attorneys
Defense Discoveries, Process Service, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Witness Interviews, Expert in Criminal Cases, Family Cases.

Corporate Crimes
Northeastern has had much experience in White Collar Crime, Larceny by Employee, Fraud, Embezzlement, and Identity Theft.

Process Serving, see right side of Page

So from the services of arson investigators to help locating a loved one or deadbeat parent, we have the services that you have been looking for. Turn to our North Carolina private investigator firm for help today.

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Halifax, Northampton, Edgecombe, Martin, Nash, Bertie, Hertford, Gates,Wilson, Warren, Vance, and Wayne.

Because of my Investigative skills, and advanced data, I have a very sucessful serve rate. I specialize in finding hard to serve persons.

Because of this, I can make the following offer, which is, that if I do not serve, There is No Charge! That's how much confidence I have in my ability to use extra-ordinary methods, if necessary to execute my serves.

My average turn around time is 72 hours, Rush service is also available.
Let my Agency take care of your next process. Either fax, email, fed-ex, or US mail, it to me, and you will not have to worry about getting it served.

To make sure that you're more than satisfied, you may even wait until after the process is served, to be invoiced if you would like.

My Process Serving Agency is an independent Agency available 24-7.
You will always get a live representative with a quick answer to any questions. No third -party tracking with" We will call you back when our Server contacts us"